Ratana Temple (Temepara)

The Ratana Church was founded in 1918 by a Maori mystic and faith-healer, T.W. Ratana. The Temple at Ratana, birthplace of the Church, with its distinctive twin towers and brightly decorated gateway is one of the country’s most interesting buildings, architecturally as well as historically. It was opened in 1927.

LLTM p16

Branch churches built in other North Island communities following the Ratana faith adopted the windows and towers of this temple in their designs.

An annual event held in February celebrates the birthday of the prophet Ratana. The Ratana church had a long association with the Labour party and its representative held the Maori seats in Parliament but the celebrations are attended by MPs and leaders of all political parties.
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  • Ratana Temple
    Ratana Temple
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  • Ratana
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